Georges Wholesale Tires

georges wholesale tires

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RIP FF George Crocker RFD E12-A

RIP FF George Crocker RFD E12-A

Raleigh: 6-20-08. Drowning at 4721 Trademark Dr x-st S New Hope, behind SE Wholesale Tire in Carolina Lake. Raleigh PD's Fugitive Task Force w/ warrant arrest in foot pursuit of a criminal suspect, who decided to jump into Carolina Lake. Occurred just before 16:30. The suspect refused to come out of the lake. His body was recovered over 5 hrs later at approx 21:45 underneath the water just off shore. Was brought to land about 40 mins later. The victim had a criminal history w/ several convictions. Co's of A-shift o/s: E12 BC2 R7 R19 w/ boats, C72 C5 L26; Wake Co EMS D1 D6 EMS1 EMS7 EMS2 & T1; Several RPD units; CCBI; WSO; Harnett County Dive Team from Angier; Barry's Cafe brought food out. 1st picture taken at 16:44 and the last at 21:35, and then I had to leave. ******** On maybe his last call w/ Raleigh FD, FF George Crocker of E12-A was on scene here. RIP George. He was also the Chief of Pine Level FD of Johnston County. **********************************************

Our next stop: George Douglass Mansion, 1765

Our next stop: George Douglass Mansion, 1765

George Douglass was descended from Scottish nobility and had spent is formative years in Salisbury Township in eastern Lancaster County. George’s father, Andrew, was the son of a Lord Douglass and is buried at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Pequea. Andrew had emigrated from Scotland. George Douglass married a Mary Piersol—another resident of Salisbury Township—in 1747. A 1750 tax list shows him still residing in Salisbury Township, but the 1754 and 1760 tax lists show him has a renter in Reading. It is likely he was one of many inn or tavern keepers in the busy county seat and market town because at the time he bought the White Horse Inn, in 1762, he was referred to as “innholder.”

georges wholesale tires

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